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Tennis Neutral App

Is a match result positive or negative with respect to your current UTR?
What is the game ratio you need to be sure of a ‘UTR positive’ outcome in a forthcoming match?

NKF’s Tennis Neutral app gives an accurate estimate of where the UTR neutral point lies in a match between players with different UTRs.

  • Enter two UTRs into the app to see the ratio of games that would return a ‘neutral’ UTR result.
  • See the percentage of games in a match that generate positive UTR outcomes for both the higher and lower rated player.
  • Enter match results to check if a result is positive or negative for your UTR.

TN removes the stress of not knowing when a match result is positive for your UTR.

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The Tennis Neutral App was developed by Robert Bleeker, based on a prototype generated by student volunteers from the Australian National University.

All funds raised go directly to
the NK Foundation.