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NK Foundation

The NK Foundation endeavours to create a safe place where underprivileged youth can play the sport they dream about, access support services, access low cost accomodation, find pathways into employment and education, but above all be part of a safe accepting family. Our vision is to offer sporting opportunities, support services, education & training pathways, low-cost accomodation and solutions for underprivileged youth.

Our facility will have tennis courts, basketball courts, a gym and dorms that will provide an inviting refuge and community to children in less fortunate circumstances.

We will provide low cost accommodation as part of our facility to help transition youth in need into a stable life through education, work, sport and support.

Our merchandise has been carefully crafted to the highest quality for Nick's fans and supporters to wear to show their support for Nick and the NK Foundation!

Thank you for you support!

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Legends United

Designed to be the players’ charity, Legends United has become a movement for social change amongst professional athletes on the ATP and WTA tours. Signed equipment donated by the players will be used to fund a variety of charitable efforts, many of which are the players very own foundations.

As part of our partnership with the NK Foundation, we are so honored to assist in making Nick’s vision of promoting athletic opportunities to underprivileged and ill children a reality. In addition to supporting the NK Foundation and other player foundations, we will use the proceeds to fund medical research.

Through your bids and purchases, you will support our mission to make the world a better place as we unite legends with one another.